Please Read The Following Instructions Before Downloading

Please do not remove the power supply during the upgrade as it may results in malfunctioning on the device. Using the original car charger for upgrade in the car is highly recommended. If you were to upgrade at home, please make sure the power source can provide sufficient 5V/1A output. Insufficient power supply may lead to upgrade failure. You may contact us at "service.en@vicovation.com" when encountering any problem.


Vico-Opia2 New FW V2.5S


1. Memory card error detecting function improved. 
2. Softer video quality comparing to V2.5.

Major differences between V2.5 and V2.5s:
1. V2.5 has the same image quality as V2.4. Video quality is sharp and clear.
2. V2.5s' image sharpness has been lowered and has a softer image quality comparing to V2.5. Video quality is soft and noise reducted.
3. Users may choose to upgrade to either version of the firmware based on their preferences.

Vico-Opia2 New FW V2.5


1. Memory card error detecting function improved. 

Vico-Opia2 Manual

Thank you for choosing Vico-Opia2 dashcam. To ensure safety, please read this manual carefully before using.

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