Please Read The Following Instructions Before Downloading

Please do not remove the power supply during the upgrade as it may results in malfunctioning on the device. Using the original car charger for upgrade in the car is highly recommended. If you were to upgrade at home, please make sure the power source can provide sufficient 5V/1A output. Insufficient power supply may lead to upgrade failure. You may contact us at "service.en@vicovation.com" when encountering any problem.

Vico-Marcus 1

Vico-Marcus1 New FW V1.3G & V1.4G

Difference between v1.3G & v1.4G:
Higher Brightness with sufficient details in night-recording.
This version is suitable for Cars with dark film on windshield, and Marcus1 which installed CPL filter.
(Please notice that CPL filter would reduce a little bit brightness of image.)
v1.3G is the same image quality version with previous v1.1Gi.
Lower Brightness with less noise in night-recording, offering clearer image in night time.
This version is suitable for the car without film on windshield.

Improvement & Bug fix:
1. Fix Time-change bug when install Marcus GPS mouse.
2. Add Time Zone Settings and GPS Auto Time Calibration function.
    After GPS positioning, Marcus1 offers GPS Auto Time Calibration by your Time Zone setting.
    (This feature needs to be activated by Marcus GPS mouse)
3. Add FCWS activated-speed setting:User may choose 60/70/80km/hr.
    When speed is higher than setting, FCWS will notify with warning Beep and Alert Icon.
    (This feature needs to be activated by Marcus GPS mouse)
4. Improve LDWS sensitivity. (This feature needs to be activated by Marcus GPS mouse.)


Vico-Marcus 2

Vico-Marcus2 Manual

Thank you for choosing Vico-Marcus2 dashcam. To ensure safety, please read this manual carefully before using.

Vico-Marcus2 New FW V2.2G


System bugs on Emergency Recording limitation when using 64GB memory cards fixed.

Vico-Marcus 3

Vico-Marcus3 Manual

Thank you for choosing Vico-Marcus3 dashcam. To ensure safety, please read this manual carefully before using.

Vico-Marcus3 New FW V3.5G


1. Improve Time-Stamp.

Vico-Marcus 4

Vico-Marcus4 Manual

Thank you for choosing Vico-Marcus4 dashcam. To ensure safety, please read this manual carefully before using.

Vico-Marcus4 New FW V4.11G & V4.12G

★ Adjustment for both v4.11G & v4.12G :

1. Increased volume of GPS Smart Warning System with Human Voice Alert.
(If you need to enlarge Voice Alert volume, please enter “Volume Control” menu and set to “High”.)

★The difference between v4.11 & v4.12:

1. Image quality of v4.11 remains the same as original v4.8/v4.7. There’s some modification in v4.12.

2. Comparison of v4.11 & v4.12:
Color temperature had been modified in v4.12 with a bit bluer (colder) than v4.11G.
Clarity/Saturation and Sharpness are all the same.

Night-time (under sufficient luminous condition):
v4.11 image brightness is higher.

Night-time (under in-sufficient luminous low light condition):
v4.12 image brightness is higher. v4.12 is brighter at night time due to higher Max ISO gate in AE (auto exposure) under low light condition, with higher noise shown.


The difference between v4.11 and v4.12 is the “style” of image performance. In general, v4.11 has less noise, and v4.12 comes with brighter image. Users may choose by preference, to upgrade different version.

Vico-Marcus 5

Vico-Marcus5 Manual

Thank you for choosing Vico-Marcus5 dashcam. To ensure safety, please read this manual carefully before using.

Vico-Marcus5 New FW V5.8G


1. System Performance enhanced/improved.
2. New Add funciton: Regualr Format Reminder. Every Month/Every 2 Months/Off
3. New Add function: GPS Human Voice Alert, including:
LDWS., Lane Departure Warning
FCWS., Foward Collision Warning
Overspeed Warning

Special Notice:
1. GPS Alert function require GPS module (Optional) installed.
2. Smart Parking Mode funciton requires Vico-Power PLUS Smart Car Battery Power Management Device (Optional) installed.


Please be aware the device might be broken if power down during upgrading.
Please be careful about the charger. The original charger is highly recommended for upgrade, better in car environment with power on situation. If you upgrade at home, please aware of the power adaptor can provide sufficient 5V/1.5A output.
Please avoid using mobile phone USB charger which offer less than 5V/1.5A output.
Insufficient power supply might lead to upgrade failure.

Please feel free to contact us when encountering any problem.
Email: Service@vicovation.com

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